NCCP Coaching Clinics

Posted by St. Albert Minor Baseball Association on May 17 2018 at 09:51PM PDT in March 2016 Season

Last call NCCP Coaching Clinics June 15-17. (More info Here) These coaching clinics are offered by Baseball Canada and are required to coach at certain levels. SAMBA member will be reimbursed for the cost of these clinics.
Lets summarize:

  • Become a Super Amazing Coach
  • Learn how to teach kids to be the best athletes they can be
  • Pay the low low cost of $-300-, $-200-, $-100-, $0
    (Your inside voice: Did that website just say I could save $300?)
    (SAMBA’s inside voice: Yes, that’s right. You will save $300)
    (Your inside voice responding to our inside voice: Can I get a T-shirt that says “Super Amazing Coach?”)
    (Our inside voice responding to your inside voice response: No, that would look rediculous)

Now click on the above link and scroll down to NCCP Clinic and use that “Register” button.


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